Here’s a massive list of cool tools to get you started. It is in no way comprehensive and I don’t claim any are the best. This is temporary while I put together something more useful and concise. Theses are simply tools that may be used to get you off the ground.
NoCode to get you off the ground
A written synopsis of the workshop is
  1. Build something along the lines of what you think is right.
  1. Get someone, or multiple people to use it, take notes and provide feedback
  1. Iterate on the issues, hone in on the problem you are aiming to solve
  1. Test agaim, repeat repeat repeat.
to make something quick look for a nocode builder, especially if you haven’t a technical cofounder. If you are technical, swallow your pride and use it, you can iterate faster, don’t need ci/cd
Get a landing page live. Collect emails, you need to track people so get a crm
Despite being quick keep things at least moderately well designed. You want product feedback not ui