Jack O'Regan Kenny

About me

I'm Jack,

I'm a exited founder and engineer. I really like hardware specifically and think building. I enjoy working on hard problems and supporting others to do so.

Working With Me

You can usually find me in Limerick or Mullingar, I'm always open to chats and supporting ambitious projects that push the world forward. I like hardware for the most part and am excited to work on more.

I don't listen to Podcasts and only read fiction books. I am not a good writer but I enjoy writing as a form of clarifying thought. I largely prefer reading memo's or docs over decks, that said I really enjoy making decks.

If you think we could do something cool send me an email at jackoregankenny (at) gmail.com

Areas That interest me

I'm really into

What I use


Software I normally use


Other things

I like scifi films a lot, as you could probably guess.