Aldi/Lidl Steak
May 3, 2021 06:55 PM


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Basically, I like steak but it's expensive, I hate buying one and cooking it wrong. I lived alone during patch and for part of it I'd cook a steak every day, not as a meal but as practice. Only ever buying from Aldi and Lidl

Steak Pickin

Honestly Aldi steaks rarely vary, I'd go for the black packet stuff otherwise, just aim for Lidl. The black packets have very little blood and have already been hung for a while. Cut comes down to choice, I will note Aldi's expensive fillets feel very much like the Lidl ones.
Lidl have a lot more variety, the same price sirloin could have some stunning cuts, and others not so much. They'll always have a good one you just got to look. Lidl notably sell more individual steaks which is expensive buying multiple of certain types. Their steaks re consistently thicker than Aldi's at the same weight and often cheaper. I prefer Lidl, although bloody buying the day before, drying with a paper towel and leaving (seasoned) on baking paper helps dry out a lot of the excess.