Patch Tool Recommendations


  • Excalidraw - for quick diagrams and hashing out systems/ concepts
  • Figjam - For ideating collaboratively and quickly, more in depth than excalidraw

For inspiration

Customer Discovery

  • Tally Forms - Like Typeform, but free-er and better-er
  • AnswerThePublic - Instant Raw Search insight. Be careful you get a limited number of searches
  • Yep.so - Validate ideas with Signups qucikly
  • Tends Everywhere - Extension to help visualise trends in data based on keywords



  • Figma - Design and prototype fast
  • Jetbrains - Full featured IDE (with the best contextual intellisense I’ve used) free for students


  • USMO - Previously Landen, decent website builder. My preference is still a vps/hosting plan and something more tailored.
  • Carrd - Basically USMO, I prefer it but honestly most will do
  • Framer - Super fast website builder, their product was pitched, built and marketed perfectly. It’s a masterclass
  • MailerLite - If you use their mailing list they offer pretty decent landing pages


  • Notion - Great for managing project, Task Tracking etc, also a great api to build nocode tools
  • Coda - Notion but not as good
  • zcal - Calendly but better, book meetings etc


  • Tally Forms - Again, better typeform, good for feedback
  • Hotjar - Decent free plan for site analytics


90% of the next categories tools will help here too
  • Pitch.com - Like Slides, but better for one off pitches
  • Pitchago - Later stage but super useful pitch analytics




  • Unblast - Free things like icons, etc
  • Icons8 - Loads of free icons great for Presentations


Image & Photo

  • Remove.bg - Remove backgrounds from images easily
  • Pika - Make screenshots pretty


Email Marketing

  • MailerLite - One of the cheapest ones really good too.

Fundraising and Opportunities

on the way

Other interesting projects

  • Arcade - Super Fast Demo Builder. I’ve early access and really love it
  • Certificates - Graphy spinout tool - generates pretty things, super niche. Love it
  • Desky - Really well though out and designed software
Note for next things: Superhuman is a really expensive (30euro per month) email client. It’s done every feature perfectly but I still don’t think it’s worth the cost. A lot of startups use it as a simile for speed and perfect execution with good looking interfaces
  • Acapella - Superhuman for more than email, manage notion, figma, etc and organise. Inbox zero across all work by my short time with it
  • Tempo - Free Superhuman for mac only
  • Cron - My favorite calendar app, the real superhuman of calendars. It’s free, but on early access, I instantly got sent a copy, despite a waitlist, no idea why. Although there’s also:
  • Track - Like the above but with NLP and more superhuman inspired
  • Vimacal - another “Superhuman for Calendar” This carries the pricetag though
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