Video Essayists I like to fall asleep to


Jacob Geller

Talks about video games, architecture, empathy and some politics, generally ties the subject matter to a game. Heavily inspired by Peter Elliots massive ICO breakdown
Recommended intro video:

Solar Sands

Mainly talks about art, beauty, aesthetics and the impact of media(s)
Recommended intro video:

Fredrik Knudsen

Deep dives into absurd elements of the internet and history, mainly on the famous " Down the Rabbit Hole" series
& for my nerd


Existentialist talking about random stuff, also writes good books. Very sci-informed although not always accurate he generally gives a reasonable and accurate-enough basis for the topic at hand. Does some very good fiction readings too


Mainly a philosophy backed short form video essayist focusing on giving you some form of existential crisis by the time you've finished your binge.

Sisyphus 55

Honestly every video is gold, had a hard time picking just one, greatly informative and fun breakdowns of philosophy content, philosopher breakdowns and some fun bits and personal pieces delivered with an excellent deadpan. I love it